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November 2014 - The Adventure Begins

Judy's Blog

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Hello Dear Friends,

Today was our first official day on the road. Downsizing from a three story house to a 37 foot fifth wheel was an amazing project. For the last week I got to experience what life as a hoarder is all about as we filled our trailer to capacity with the remnants of our old life that we could not bear to part with. Despite Ralph's doubts that we would actually ever complete the task, we managed to clear out our house, leave it clean and shiny and narrow down our possessions to mostly fit in the RV. And we did not murder each other, although there were a few close calls. My jewelery and boots actually fit so I am a happy camper.

We could barely sleep last night and arose before the alarm went off at 6 AM. Of course it was freezing cold and pouring sheets of icy rain as we shoved the last items we could fit into our storage units at Dave and Helga's house. Fortunately the the hook up of the trailer went smoothly as did the backing out of the yard. Dave and Helga bid us a sweet good-bye as we rolled out for a big adventure. Poor Ralph was drenched to the bone and as we were pulling out we both remembered the rain poncho tucked neatly into the side door of "The White Goddess" (our truck). We revived with a nice hot breakfast and had a great day on the road with no major problems. We thought we had left Ralph's Nook at a Wendy's in Pennsylvania but he found it later in the ay hidden in a shopping bag in the back seat.. We rolled into the KOA campsite near Falling Waters well before dark and are enjoying the luxuries of water, electricity and sewage. Life is good.


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