2 C Flour
1 T Baking powder
1/2 T Salt
2 Sticks butter

1 Egg
1 t Vanilla
1/2 C Milk

2 Eggs
1/18 C Brown sugar
1 1/2 T Vinegar
1 t Vanilla
1 Stick butter (melted)
1/2 lb Raisins
3/8 C Chopped walnuts

Cut the butter into the flour mixture, beat the egg with the milk and vanilla, then combine and mix with a fork.

Roll the dough 1/16" thick and cut 5" circles for the Texas Muffin pans.

Use about 1/4 C filling per tart.

Bake 350 for 20-25 minutes. Makes 18 in the Texas size muffin pan.

Ralph's tips and tricks
  • The dough should be about 1/16" thick. I use two pieces of plastic, one on each side of the dough, to keep the thickness the same between batches. Find something around the house you can use like a couple of old rulers.
  • I use a 5 inch diameter Matzoh Farfle can to cut the dough for the Texas size muffin pans.