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Winter in Austin - without snow - sure beats winter in Western New York. Once again, there really weren't any memorable incidents that would make a good story, so here are a bunch of pictures from the things we did over the winter.

Brother Sun Concert

Perdenales State Park November 18

The Trail of Lights

January - Hiking in Bastrop State Park

January - Longhorn Caverns State Park

A natural formation - not a sculpture

The cave hosted a very popular speakeasy during prohibition.

January - Video bubbles at the Strong Museum of Play

January - Duck Tour


Pretty fancy houses on the lake


Mardi Gras

Franti Basketball

A day at the Zoo

The animals were fun

But someone broke the window and stole the GPS

February - Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire

February at the Park

Judy & Raina plant a garden

Umlaf Sculpture Garden

Houston Space Center


There's a working farm right next door

The new Orion control room

Those suckers are tall!


Replica shuttle on top of the real transport plane



A bath in zero gravity




April 2016

Newborn goats at LBJ ranch

Waterfall hike at Colorado Bend State park

After the snake warnings this piece of wood is ominous





The last few yards are pretty steep!

Natural Bridge Caverns

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